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Larxene, number XII of Organization XIII, is a character from the Kingdom Hearts game series. I will be the first to admit that after KH2, I gave up on the franchise. There were just too many games for too many different systems that I did not own. But when I was super into the games, I was a little in love with Larxene. And who wouldn't be? She was badass, she was ruthless and she was awesome. But sadly, Larxene got the brunt of the hate when it came to bashing female characters in the games. She wasn't like the other girls, who were quiet and princess-y. And she interrupted the perceived sausage fest that is Org XIII.

Oh boo hoo. I'm not going to be introspective about it. Larxene was hated for all the wrong reasons, and even if you don't love her, there's no reason to hate her. So here, have an FST.

Schadenfreude: A Larxene FST )

I'll be putting this up on 8tracks soon, too, but first, I must go to the dentist!

EDIT Now available on 8tracks!
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Hey, I just wanted to give you guys a heads-up about this. There's a new comm called [ profile] womenlovefest about giving love to female characters fandom hates. They're currently taking submissions of the different ways fandom shows their love, and I know a lot of you are passionate about certain characters, and how female characters are treated in fandom in general, so I think it would be right up a lot of your allies. I'm tempted to submit some things myself (People hate Jessica Jones?! Kate Beckett?! Luna Lovegood?! Say WHAT?!), but due to my usual procrastinating tendencies, I might not manage. Thankfully, though, it's an on-going thing, so maybe if it's still going by next year, I'll get something submitted.

But yeah, everyone go take a look! I encourage those of you who feel strongly about stuff like this to think about submitting something. I bet you have awesome things to say. :)


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