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Hope you guys are having a great day, no matter what you do or don't celebrate!

As promised (I don't know HOW I managed it - I think it was all the free time, lol), I finished everyone's fanfics! Hooray! They're all available over at [ profile] avaunts, which I am directing you to because I am too tired to from uploading and formatting them to link to them individually. 8Db Those of you who requested fanfics, let me know if you want the original .doc files emailed to you.

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I'm kind of behind on taking off old/abandoned journals, so I'm doing that right now. I am also trying to be not-an-idiot and add those of you who moved journals that I accidentally missed. Sorry for currently being an idiot. Also taking off some active/semi-active journals, because I'm pretty sure we haven't talked/interacted/been friends in general. No hard feelings. ♥
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Did a small f-cut. Unadded people who hadn't been posting. That is all.
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Ah, I tried writing a post for [ profile] ontdcreepy last night, about a particularly creepy building on Temple's campus, but my browser crashed and ate it. C'est la vie.

So I'm posting because I want to do some plugging. I'll talk about myself again properly after my life stops eating me alive. Or, um, something.

[ profile] curiositykate is in financial straits right now, and is selling some of things here. If you're not a member of the comm, I'm sure she wouldn't mind you PMing her. She also sells cute knit items at her Folksy shop, here. Please consider taking a look.

Also, [ profile] kihanna is doing $1 commissions for charity, here. Go ask her to draw things, because she's really good at it!

Thanks for listening. ♥


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