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Dear Yuletide Author,

Hello, dear author! I'm Michelle, and this is my third year participating in Yuletide, though it's about my millionth in fandom overall. I'm mostly into kids media these days, because I find it easy to stomach both content- and time-wise: I can't deal with too much darkness in my escapism and I have a short attention span. So naturally, I like to keep things light and fluffy in my fic too. I don't mind hurt/comfort as long as there's eventually comfort, and I have nothing against porn, but should you feel the need to take any kids characters into adult territory, I'd just ask that you lock it to the archive for my piece of mind. Thanks, author. I'm sure you get it. ♥

Have some social media of mine that might help you figure me out a little better:

And onto prompts!

Fandom: Ever After High
Nominated Characters/Ships: Darling/Ginger, Cedar/Lizzie

Oooookay, let's talk about EAH ships. I don't mind the big ones (I even wrote some Rapple for an EAH holiday exchange last year, which you can see on my AO3 if you're curious), but I find smaller and - let's face it - somewhat random pairings more fun. Though I didn't pull these ships out of thin air. Cedar/Lizzie was my first favorite ship that came out of me reading their signature doll diaries (read them here!) and Shannon Hale's "A Wonderlandiful World," which I also happen to think is the best EAH book to date. I also have a Tumblr tag I keep for them, mostly because only I and one other friends of mine ships them. Basically, they're cute girlfriends who encourage each others art and while they might not understand each other perfectly, they get each other on deeper levels than you'd think for a wouldd-be real girl and a future queen of hearts.

Because there's so little for these too, I feel like there's a lot that could be explored: the beginnings of their relationship, first date, school vignettes, future joint Queendoms, etc. Cedar is a painter, so maybe later in life she's commissioned to paint a portrait of Queen Lizzie of Hearts, and they reconnect? Perhaps Lizzie struggles to tell Cedar her feelings, so she does it by using her seamstress talents to make Cedar beautiful clothing? Maybe there's something more to Lizzie thinking of Cedar as her "new Alice" (see Lizzie and Cedar's signature diaries for more on that); or Kitty's proclamation in "A Wonderlandiful World" that, due to all the royal and rebel upheaval, Cedar may one day be a queen? The sky's the limit, author!

Now, Darling and Ginger! I think a lot more people know where this one comes from, as we saw Darling, in the guise of the White Knight, help Ginger out when she fell into Wonderland. I don't know why, but something about that interaction left my heart fluttering! I love the directions Darling and Ginger want their destinies to go in, and I think a damsel-turned-knight and a nice candy witch would make a good match, both couple-wise and in helping each other figure themselves and their destinies out.

There is also so little fic for this couple, and I would love to see pretty much anything: Darling and Ginger sneak off to Wonderland together - maybe at first to figure out how baking works in Wonderland, or so Darling can fight off other would-be conquerors, or maybe just for fun - and then it turns into a romantic adventure? Maybe Darling's bravery extends to being Ginger's guinea pig when it comes to magic baked goods she's not sure were made 100% correctly? Maybe everyone's been bothering Darling about becoming Apple's "Princess Charming," and she lets slip she's already someone else's knight in shining armor - so now the entire school wants to know whose stolen Darling's heart? Honestly, author, there are so man stories just begging to be written!!

Other info: I love all the Wonderlanders and Cupid - see my tumblr username, lol. And I don't ship any other couples as much as the above two, but Daring/Rosabella is very cute.

Fandom: Avengers Academy
Nominated Characters/Ships: none specified

How good is Avengers Academy?? Just, fangirl with me for a minute here, author: Snappy dialogue, well-rounded amalgamations of your favorite Marvel characters, awesome cosplay-able costumes, story progression that still leaves you wanting more?? And best of all?? It's pretty much a canonical college AU! Have TPTB ever gotten something so RIGHT before? If only they would implement that dating system, and then we could happily watch whatever couple we want sit around the only computer on campus and watch little hearts dance around there heads whenever we wanted! Or, at least, when the story called for it. SIGH THOUGH.

Okay, I won't pretend it's entirely perfect - will we REALLY be allowed to let ANY two characters date? - but it's a whole lot of fun, and I've lost a lot of my past year (and perhaps some cash) to this game. I'm really surprised more people aren't into it, but hey! That's what Yuletide is for, right? Right!

Personally, I'd love to see the kids act more like college students: go to clubs off campus and get in trouble; stay up all night studying and drinking too much coffee and soda; dorm room shenanigans/sleepovers/pissing off RAs; being broke and raiding Tony's cheese fridge for lack of food and options. Basically, just them making the sort of mistakes you do in college, and living to fight Chitauri or ninjas or fire demons the next day.

Other info: I don't really have ships specific to the game, but I do have ones I like from the Marvel universe as a whole: Steve/Bucky or Steve/Sam or Steve/Bucky/Sam; Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, though my love for them is based more on comics canon than the Netflix shows; Wasp and Loki are endlessly entertaining, especially when put together with a hapless Tony in the middle. (Interpret that as you will.)

Fandom: Monster High(/Ever After High)
Nominated Characters/Ships: none specified

Ramble: So, "The Lost Movie". Let's talk about this nonsense. Clearly planned before the MH reboot was greenlit, The Lost Movie was set to finally be the crossover between the two franchises. My theory is that once the MH reboot was given the go-ahead, the movie was scrapped, and that's why Mattel started releasing the MST3K version they put on MH's YouTube featuring Draculaura and Clawdeen. According to the voice-acted storyboard they showed, the worlds of Monster High and Ever After High were being pulled together due to some plan of the Evil Queen's, but we'll never know what that was, since they didn't show us the ending.

So my final request, author, is to ask for either an ending for The Lost Movie, or a crossover that's fulfilling and interesting. Sure, the Evil Queen's magic might have been their reasoning, but then why did Astranova, Raven and Apple have a conversation at the end of Boo York? What was the connection between the lamp Gigi and Whisp came out of in 13 Wishes and the other scattered EAH ephemera found in Monster High's plot device-ridden attic? Hell, I'll take Monster High inspired fairytales a la the Scarily Ever After doll line - anything better than having to imagine what the EAH characters would look like in MH's original CGI special looks. Yikes.

Other info: If you don't know a lot about EAH, don't worry. The Lost Movie clips will probably tell you more than enough, and they play pretty fast and loose with both franchise's canons, so I certainly won't fault you if you just don't care much for EAH. I don't have any particular ships in MH, but some of my favorite characters are: Draculaura, C.A. Cupid, Venus McFlytrap, Robecca Steam, and Rochelle Goyle.

Thank you, author. I hope these prompts have been inspiring on some level. I'm really looking forward to your fic and most of all, I hope you have fun writing it! Take care! ♥ Michelle


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