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Dear Yuletide Author,

Hello and welcome to my letter, dear author! I hope you're doing well and looking forward to this year's festivities. My name is Michelle and this is my second year participating in Yuletide, though I've been a part of fandom for a long time. Up until recently, most of my fandoms have consisted of anime and comic books, but recently I've gotten into American cartoons and the toys said cartoons are usually created to sell. I've been immersing myself in children's media and sitcoms these last few years because I'm honestly a little burnt out on other kinds of entertainment. I'm weary of shows that are all about shock value and keeping people talking on social media. (*coughGameofThronescough*) Now I'm all about the cute, sweet, and fluffy.

Here are some helpful social media links of mine:

And now, the prompts:

Fandom: Ever After High
Characters: Darling Charming & Ginger Breadhouse
Canon: YouTube webisodes/Netflix series, specifically "Spring Unsprung" & "Way too Wonderland"

I NEED more Darling/Ginger. Idk how this ship is so overlooked, considering we know how much Darling helped Ginger when she accidentally tumbled into Wonderland during "Spring Unsprung." And why wasn't Ginger there to gasp along with everyone when Darling reveled herself as the White Knight in "Way Too Wonderland"? I NEED this. I would also greatly prefer happy, fluffy, shippy stuff over sad pining/not getting together.

I have lots of ideas for prompts, so feel free to run with them and mix in your own ideas. Here are a few that are floating around my head:

• Ginger totally knowing it was Darling all along and them striking up a friendship, either after the reveal or before, and/or Ginger playing along when she sees Darling in school, waiting for her to tell her herself
• Darling harboring a huge crush on Ginger after meeting her in Wonderland and trying to work up the courage to tell her she's the White Knight
• Ginger pining away for the dashing White Knight she met in Wonderland and Darling aching to tell her
• Darling revealing to Ginger pre-WTW she was the White Knight and them starting up a friendship/relationship based on mutual rebellious tendencies and love of justice and baked goods

Fandom: The Mindy Project(/Devil)
Characters: Danny Castellano(/Detective Bowden), Mindy Lahiri
Canon: The Mindy Project(, M. Night Shyamalan's "Devil")

I have a specific crossover prompt I would LOVE to receive, but if you're not into it, I'm happy with anything where Mindy and Danny are a delightful, bickering couple. I would love to see things such as:

• Mindy trying to be a little but more dominate in the relationship, sexually or not, have at it (nothing horribly rapey though please)
• Anything that includes stripper!Danny, dancing, etc.
• Mindy buys one of those naked photos of Danny his ex took and puts it in Leo's room.

If you are intrigued by a Mindy/Devil crossover, read on:

Okay, this sounds ridiculous, but bear with me. So on The Mindy Project, Chris Messina plays the lovable by gruff Danny Castellano, father of Mindy's baby. In Devil (yes, the M. Night Shyamalan movie - like I said, bear with me), he plays Detective Bowden, gruff cop who gets driven to alcoholism after the hit-and-run death of his wife and child. But the thing is, Messina plays them pretty much the same, so I'd love to see a crossover.

Haven't seen Devil? Don't worry - Wikipedia has you covered. (Also, it's on Netflix!) And honestly, it's not even that important, so no worries if you're not into horror movies, or if you just don't care. All I want for this fic is, after the death of Mindy and their child, Danny, in his grief, moves to Philly, changes his name, becomes a detective, and tries to run away from his past... Only to have ghost!Mindy haunt him in the way only Mindy could. Maybe she tags along while he's out solving cases and provides colorful commentary? Makes him buy her issues of People Magazine and then flip the pages for her because she can't touch anything? Hovers behind him while he eats and tries to goad him into describing (in almost pornographic detail) what the burger he got tastes like -- while he's in public?

Fandom: Brooklyn Nine-Nine(/Star Trek)
Characters: All/whomever fits
Canon: Brooklyn Nine-Nine(, various Trek series)

Again, I had a specific crossover idea in mind, but if you're not into that, here are some other random prompts that may get your creatives juices flowing:
• Case fic! Though I am terrible at it, I love reading it.
• Boyle brings his dogs to the precinct for take your kids to work day. Everyone reacts accordingly.
• Someone gets sent to the hospital for a non-fatal reason and the rest of the gang shows up to wish them well, but ends up ruining everything in a way only the Nine-Nine can.

Very specific Star Trek AU request:

Last Yuletide, I wrote a RL friend a treat in the form of a BNN/ST crossover which can be found here. It was a lot of fun to write and quite a few people asked if they could write fic based on the same universe. My answer was of course a resounding yes, because I wasn't really the one who came up with it - it was based on an idea our group of friends came up with. Sadly, I haven't seen anything so far, so if you're up for it, I'd love to see the universe explored further!

I lack specific prompts, but I love the concept, and if it strikes you fancy, feel free to write whatever you want! I'd love to see case fic, but a snippet of shenanigans on the bridge or after hours fraternizing is fine too. My only request is no Boyle/Rosa. Anything else is go, though.

A few details on the characters (though please feel free to play with them as well):
• Jake Peralta, human, Ensign
• Amy Santiago, human, Ensign
• Rosa Diaz, Klingon, Ensign
• Charles Boyle, Talaxian, Mess
• Gina Linetti, Ferengi, Communications Officer
• Raymond Holt, Vulcan, Captain/Commanding Officer
• Terry Jeffords, Betazoid, Sergeant/Second-in-Command

I hope, dear author, that my prompts were helpful and have inspired you in some way. I eagerly look forward to your fic! Thank you and have a Merry Yule. ♥

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