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My inbox has been really full lately, so if you're getting late comment replies, I apologize. I don't know what I've been doing, but my inbox just went from 40 messages to 10, so yeah. Here's a meme I managed to forget about!

Reply to this entry and I will give you five prompts. Think of a song that fits each prompt, post the five songs to your journal, and explain your choices. Give prompts to the people who reply to you.

My prompts from curiositykate: Nostalgia, winter, distance, royalty, needle.

Nostalgia: Mayumi Kojima - "Hatsukoi"

Okay so... I don't know what to say about this video. I really don't. It looks like a really crazy, fan-made mush up of... damn near everything. Anyway, this song was used a long time ago in a Mario commercial, and you can see clips of it in the above video, especially towards the end. This song makes me think of adages like "the good old days" and "halcyon days". It just sounds like nostalgia to me.

Winter: Tori Amos - "Winter"

Maybe a little obvious, but this really does make me think of winter. The lyrics "I get a little warm in my heart when I think of winter" reminds me of how I felt during the winter/Christmastime as a kid. And of course, when I typed "Tori Amos" into the YouTube search, this was the first song suggestion that came up. I guess it's a pretty well known song?

Distance: Utada (Hikaru) - "Exodus 04"

Ha! You thought I was going to put "Distance," weren't you? This song, despite being dated by its title, reminds me of being far away, or at least getting far away. (Oh, and yeah, some of those pictures in the video are obviously not of Utada. Idk man.)

And here, have a really cool animation made for the song, which I believe was made by Studio 4C:

Royalty: Alanis Morissette - "Wunderkind"

Yeah, that song from the first Chronicles of Narnia movie. Man, that soundtrack had some unusual music on it. Anyway, this reminds me of royalty for reasons I think are obvious if you listen to it, and apparently it was also used during a recent Olympics?

Needle: Emilie Autumn - "Shalott"

Not much of an explanation for this one. It just mentions a spinning wheel, and if you've been raised female within the last few hundred years, you associate spinning wheels with pricking your finger and falling into a deep sleep.
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